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Rapid and sensitive determination of formaldehyde in some beverages and foods by flow-injection fluorimetric analysis




A simple and sensitive flow-injection (FI) method for rapid determination of formaldehyde in beverage and food products has been developed. Adopting stop-flow technique, the proposed method distinctly improved the sensitivity of FI fluorimetric method for the determination of formaldehyde based on Hantzsch reaction with cyclohexane-1,3-dione. The fluorescent intensity was proportional to formaldehyde concentrations ranging 0.1 ng mL−1 to 1.000 μg mL−1, and the detection limit (S/N = 3) was 0.04 ng mL−1 of formaldehyde. The relative standard deviations (n = 11) for determination of 0.100 and 0.005 μg mL−1 of formaldehyde were 1.3% and 2.1%, respectively. The analytical frequency was 18 samples per hour. This method was applied directly for the determination of formaldehyde in diluted beverages and extraction solutions of foods, and the results obtained correlated well with those obtained by the standard method in which a sample pretreatment of steam distillation was required.