• α-Amylase;
  • cassava starch;
  • in vitro digestion;
  • pullulanase;
  • resistant starch type III


Resistant starch type III (RS III) was synthesised from cassava starch by autoclaving followed by debranching with pullulanase, at varied concentrations (0.4–12 U g−1) and times (2–8 h), and recrystallisation (−18 to 90 °C for 1–16 h). The highest RS III yield (22 g/100 g) was obtained at an enzyme concentration of 4 U g−1 after 8 h incubation, followed by recrystallisation at 25 °C for 16 h. Varying the recrystallisation conditions indicated that higher RS III yields (30–35 g/100 g) could be obtained at 90 °C within 2 h. Thinning cassava starch using α-amylase prior to debranching using pullulanase did not further increase the RS III content. In vitro digestion data showed that whereas 44% RS III was digested after 6 h, the corresponding value for cassava starch was 89%.