Oxidative stability of brined anchovies (Engraulis encrasicholus) with plant extracts


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The effect of brining with plant extracts on the oxidative stability of anchovies was investigated during storage. The brining process was done in 15 g 100 mL−1 of sodium chloride solution with water, and with myrtle, rosemary and nettle extracts. Brined anchovies were stored at 4 ± 1 °C for 28 days. Brining with plant extracts slowed down the lipid oxidation of anchovies. The highest antioxidant effect was observed in brined anchovies with rosemary and myrtle extracts during storage as indicated by peroxide value (POV), thiobarbituric acid reactive substance and oxidative rancidity (OR) scores. Furthermore, OR scores in brined anchovies were well correlated with thiobarbituric acid reactive substance (r2 = 0.66, < 0.01) and POV (r2 = 0.87; < 0.01). The fatty acid profiles were similar among the brined anchovies with plant extracts. These results suggest that brining with rosemary, myrtle and to a lesser extent, nettle extracts prevents development of oxidation in lipids of anchovies during storage.