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Addition of cashew tree gum to maltodextrin-based carriers for spray drying of cashew apple juice




This study involved an attempt to totally or partially replace maltodextrin DE10 (MD10) by cashew tree gum (CTG) as a drying aid agent in spray drying of cashew apple juice. The objective was to evaluate the impact of drying aid/cashew apple juice dry weight ratio (D/C, ranging from 3 to 5) and degree of replacement of MD10 with CTG (CTGR, ranging from 0% to 100%) on ascorbic acid retention (AAR), hygroscopicity, flowability and water solubility of spray dried cashew apple juice powder. AAR was increased from 72.90% to 95.46% by increasing D/C from 3 to 5. CTG was shown as a promising maltodextrin replacer, being more effective than the latter to decrease powder hygroscopicity. The most adequate drying conditions (D/C = 5, CTGR≥50%) resulted in more than 90% of AAR, and produced a powder with good flowing properties and water solubility.