• Cylinder;
  • ellipse;
  • freezer;
  • freezing of fish;
  • freezing time;
  • tilapia fillet;
  • slab;
  • sphere


This paper explores the numerical simulation of freezing tilapia fillets of five different geometries, which are the slab, elliptical, disc, spherical and cylindrical shapes, in an air blast freezer. The air velocities and temperatures inside the freezer are varied in the simulation to determine the freezing times and energy consumptions for freezing the tilapia fillets of different shapes. The results show that the cylindrical-shaped fillet has the longest freezing time and also required the most energy for freezing. The slab-shaped fillet has the shortest freezing time, but the spherical-shaped fillet requires the least energy to freeze. The simulation is also applied to a case study to compare the processing rate, energy consumption and the cost of freezing the fillets of different shapes. The freezing cost for a tray of spherical-shaped fillet is the lowest among all.