Supplementation of pearl millet flour with soybean protein: effect of cooking on in vitro protein digestibility and essential amino acids composition




In vitro protein digestibility (IVPD) and amino acids profile of pearl millet (Dempy cultivar) supplemented with soybean protein (5–15%) were investigated. Supplementation of dempy flour with soybean protein steadily decreased IVPD with increasing the portion of soybean in the blend. The in vitro protein digestibilities of the cooked supplemented dempy flours were higher when compared with the raw ones, whereas the highest value was that of the 5% soybean protein. All essential amino acids of dempy flour were enriched on supplementation with soybean protein. The levels of amino acids increased with increasing the amount of soybean protein in the blend. Essential amino acids in dempy supplemented with 15% soybean are comparable to those in the FAO reference pattern. Supplementation increased significantly lysine to 1.5–2.4 folds. Essential amino acids content remained higher in the cooked composite flours when compared with the cooked native dempy flour.