• Enzyme activity;
  • functional properties;
  • millet;
  • proteins


In this study, we examined the effect of enzymatic hydrolysis on the functional properties of defatted foxtail millet proteins. Defatted foxtail millet flour (DFMF) was enzymatically hydrolysed by several commercially available proteases (Protamex, Papain, Alcalase 2.4L, Flavourzyme and Neutrase), with protein recovery of 59. 6%, 62.8%, 81.8%, 78.9%, and 67.5%, respectively. Essential amino acids were above the recommended amount by Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)/World Health Organization (WHO) for humans. The molecular weight ranged below 200 and 5000 Da above, hydrophobicities of 122.75 and 166.05, maximum solubility of 91% and 83% at pH 12.0, emulsifying capacity was 82.33% and 72.32%, foam capacity and foam stability ranged from 185.33 to 137.80 g mL−1 and from 185.33 to 111.1 g mL−1 for both defatted foxtail millet protein hydrolysate (DFMPH) and defatted foxtail millet protein isolate (DFMPI), respectively. Enzymatic modification was responsible for changes in the protein functionality and DFMPH are potential as functional food ingredient.