The effects of different materials as dough improvers for organic whole wheat bread


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In this research, the effects of different materials such as defatted Cephalaria syriaca flour (0.5%), rosehip (2.5%), vital gluten (2.5%) and malt flour (2%), and their combinations on the quality of organic whole wheat flour were investigated. The highest maximum resistance value was obtained in the treatment containing 0.5% cephalaria and 2.5% rosehip. The addition of malt flour and vital gluten significantly increased the extensibility value. Although rosehip, cephalaria and vital gluten generally increased the dough energy, malt flour decreased the dough energy when compared to the control. The combination of 0.5% cephalaria and 2.5% rosehip significantly decreased the adhesion and stringiness of dough. Data showed that dough rheological characteristics of organic whole wheat flour could be improved with the addition of different materials such as malt flour, cephalaria, rosehip and vital gluten.