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Effects of CO2 and O2 shocks at high temperature on postharvest quality of cold-stored citrus fruit


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The effect of CO2 or O2 shocks at high temperature on the quality of citrus fruits stored at 5 °C for up to 6 weeks followed by shelf life of 1 week at 20 °C was investigated. ‘Ortanique’ and ‘Nadorcott’ mandarins exposed to 95 kPa CO2 at 33 °C for 24 h showed apparent rind physiological disorders and a global loss of fruit quality. Exposure to CO2 concentrations up to 50 kPa at 33 °C for 24 h did not adversely affect mandarin quality. Moreover, the treatment of mandarins and ‘Valencia’ oranges with 15 kPa CO2 and 30 kPa O2, respectively, both at 33 °C for 48 h, reduced weight and rind firmness loss and prevented the accumulation of fermentative volatiles on cold-stored fruit.