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Mathematical modelling of mass transfer in the concentration polarisation layer of flat-sheet membranes during clarification of pomegranate juice


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Evaluation of membrane clarification of pomegranate juice showed that a cake layer is created at the beginning of the process. This evaluation was used as the basis for modelling the solute concentration in the concentration polarisation layer to control the fouling of the membrane. The model of changes in concentration as a function of time and distance (in its dimensionless form) was solved numerically using the Forward-Time/Central-Space (FTCS) method. Programming was performed using MATLAB software, and the predicted concentration on the membrane surface was compared with experimental data; the prediction fit well with the experimental data. The model showed that the solute concentration increased as distance to the membrane surface decreased, time increased, transmembrane pressure increased and velocity decreased. Also, the model matched the experimental data in that it showed the cake layer to be created in the early stages of the membrane clarification process.

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