Studies on different combined microwave drying of carrot pieces


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Three different combined microwave (MW) drying methods were compared, namely microwave-assisted vacuum drying (MWVD), microwave-assisted freeze drying (MWFD), microwave-enhanced spouted bed drying (MWSD), in terms of drying rate, drying uniformity, product colour, rehydration ratio, retention of β-carotene and vitamin C, and energy consumption. The drying rate of MWVD and MWSD were much faster than that of MWFD. The largest drying rate was obtained in MWSD with 3.5 W g−1. In general, the colour of MWSD products was very uniform. Rehydration ratio of MWFD carrot pieces was almost the same as the freeze-dried (FD) products and better than MWVD and MWSD products. In addition, the highest retention of carotene and vitamin C was observed in MWFD carrot pieces. No significant differences were observed in carotene and vitamin C between MWVD and MWSD products. However, the energy consumption in MWFD was the highest.