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Enhanced bioaccessibility of β-carotene from yellow-orange vegetables and green leafy vegetables by domestic heat processing


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Effect of heat treatment involved in domestic cooking on the bioaccessibility of β-carotene from yellow-orange as well as green leafy vegetables was evaluated. Heat treatment of these vegetables by pressure-cooking, stir-frying and open-pan boiling had a beneficial influence on the bioaccessibility of β-carotene. The extent of increase in the per cent bioaccessibility of β-carotene as a result of pressure-cooking was 21–84%. Stir-frying in presence of a small quantity of oil brought about an enormous increase in the bioaccessibility of β-carotene from these vegetables, the extent of increase being 67–191%. Open-pan boiling of vegetables increased the bioaccessibility of β-carotene in the range 23–36%. Thus, among the three domestic heat processing methods, stir-frying results in maximum bioaccessibility of this provitamin. The use of suitably heat-processed vegetable sources of β-carotene could form a dietary strategy to derive this micronutrient maximally by the population dependent on plant foods.