• Antinutrients;
  • bioavailability;
  • cooking;
  • dry beans;
  • food quality;
  • nutritional aspects;
  • processing effects


Bean soaking seems to be unanimously recommended by scientists; however, there is no consensus regarding the need to discard the soaking water before cooking. Thus, the present study proposes to review the influence of maceration on the nutritional quality of common beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) cooked with or without the soaking water, in an attempt to achieve agreement among scientists. The article search was done in a systematic way and eleven studies were found. Of these, three compared the use or not of the soaking water for cooking, seven of them discarded the soaking water and one used the soaking water. This review discusses each nutrient and antinutrient regarding the effects of soaking and compares them with other studies done with legumes. The results were not unanimous but there was a greater advantage to discarding the soaking water before cooking.