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Antimicrobial activity of the polyphenolic fractions derived from Grewia asiatica, Eugenia jambolana and Carissa carandas




Crude methanolic extracts from Grewia asiatica, Eugenia jambolana and Carissa carandas were separated into four major fractions viz. phenolic acids, flavanols, flavonols and anthocyanins which were then analysed for their total phenolic, flavonoid contents, and antimicrobial effects. In addition, anthocyanin fraction was also analysed for total anthocyanins, total colour and polymeric pigments. Total phenolics and flavonoids were highest in the fractions from E. jambolana and lowest in C. carandas, the order being phenolic acid > flavanols > flavonols > anthocyanins in all fruits. All fractions showed significant antibacterial activity except anthocyanin. Being the most active, phenolic acid fractions were also tested for their antifungal activity, the fractions of C. carandas and G. asiatica substantially inhibited all the tested fungal species. These results are being reported for the first time.