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Lycopene extraction from extruded products containing tomato skin


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To determine the lycopene content of extruded products containing 10% tomato skin, the conditions for solvent extraction were optimised. After three extraction cycles at 50 °C each for 15 min at a solvent to meal ratio of 40:1, a maximum of 6.6 ppm lycopene was extracted. However, the extraction was considered incomplete, thus the product was digested by pancreatin prior to extraction. The extracted lycopene content was increased to 23.5 ppm using the optimum conditions of 20 min of digestion with 10 mg mL−1 pancreatin. To validate the extraction efficiency at optimum conditions, a set of extruded products containing different lycopene concentrations was used. Digestion increased the extracted lycopene content by more than 2.5-fold between the products. Furthermore, this inclusion significantly improved the correlation coefficient between the red colour and the extracted lycopene content. Therefore, including a digestion step prior to extraction by solvents was necessary to efficiently extract lycopene from extruded products.