Classification of red and white wines by denomination of origin according to phenolic composition and colour characteristics and correlation with standard parameters


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The two main phenolic compounds, namely anthocyanins and tannins, and some chromatic characteristics have been determined in 437 samples of red and white wines from northwest of Spain, which were commercialised in two consecutive years (2005 and 2006). The variation range for total polyphenol index (TPI) was 4.1–16.6 and 27.8–91.9 in white and red wines, respectively. Standard parameters were also investigated. The classification successful by Denominations of Origin was near 50% for both red and white wines. Statistical correlations among standard and colour parameters were established to find a simple methodology usually used in winery that permits to provide more complete information for the oenologist. So, a significant correlation was found for TPI or chromatic intensity and volume mass in red wines (0.547–0.583, P < 0.01), while tonality can be estimated from pH (0.601, P < 0.01). No lineal relationship was found in white wines.