• Bread;
  • gluten;
  • screening;
  • wheat cultivars;
  • whole-grain;
  • whole wheat flour


Between 2007 and 2009, 160 wheat samples were harvested at four growing locations in Quebec (Eastern Canada) and evaluated individually for their performance in whole-grain bread (all grain fractions) and white bread prepared with a long-fermentation process (3 h). Combination of results from both baking tests allowed the most complete evaluation of the gas retention capacity of wheat samples. Compared to cultivar and crop year, growing location had a minor effect on the overall bread making potential of wheat samples. In whole-grain bread, the four winter wheat lines had a poorer performance than the twenty-one spring wheat cultivars. Little correlation was seen between dough mixing stability and gas retention properties. Determination of strong gluten content (dry gluten × gluten index) might be a useful screening tool for early-generation wheat cultivars.