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Change in aromatic components of banana during the preparation process of juice and microcapsule powder




Based on the importance of pleasant aroma on quality of banana products, a study was carried out on how the aromatic profile of banana is affected when fresh ripe banana is processed into puree, clear juice, microcapsulated banana powder and reconstituted juice. Solid-phase micro-extraction extraction and gas chromatography–mass spectrometry identification showed that puree, clear juice and reconstituted juice possessed the similar aromatic profiles with esters as the crucial components contributing the most to the characteristic aroma. Components of secondary importance to the aroma were contributed by the carbonyl fractions, followed by alcohols and hydrocarbons and elemicin. Only four compounds were retained on the surface of the microcapsulated banana powder. Primary component analysis extracted two principal components that exhibit 100% contribution to the total variance of the data set. Aroma profile of banana puree, clear banana juice and the reconstituted banana juice show no significant difference, with esters as the decisive components of the aroma and isoamyl butyrate as the major constituent of the esters, while the compounds responsible for the characteristic aroma were hardly detected from the microcapsulated banana powder, indicating that the main volatile components can be effectively encapsulated through microcapsulation.