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Interesterification of milkfat with soybean oil catalysed by Rhizopus oryzae lipase immobilised on SiO2-PVA on packed bed reactor


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The potential of the lipase from Rhizopus oryzae immobilised on SiO2-PVA to catalyse the interesterification of the milkfat with soybean oil in a packed bed reactor running on continuous mode was evaluated. The reactor operated continuously for 35 days at 45 °C, and during 12 days, no significant decrease in the initial lipase activity was verified. Interesterification yields were in the range from 35 to 38%wt, which gave an interesterified product having 59% lower consistency in relation to non-interesterified blend. Results showed the potential of the lipase from Rhizopus oryzae to mediate the interesterification of milkfat with soybean oil in packed bed reactor, attaining a more spreadable product under a cool temperature. The biocatalyst operational stability was assessed and an inactivation profile was found to follow the Arrhenius model, revealing values of 34 days and 0.034 day−1, for half-life and a deactivation coefficient, respectively.