• Colour;
  • commercial sterilisation;
  • pumpkin puree;
  • quality indices;
  • total carotenoids


Purees of Cucurbita moschata‘Menina Brasileira’ and of Cucurbita maxima‘Exposição’ pumpkins were produced. A commercial sterilisation test confirmed the effectiveness of the thermal treatment applied in the production. The stability was monitored during storage in ambient conditions. No significant alterations in pH, titratable acidity or soluble solids were noted. Both types of puree have a good concentration of carotenoids, although a slight decrease was detected in the ‘Exposição’ pumpkin puree after 15 days of storage. In relation to the colour of the purees, there were no significant alterations in a*, b* or ΔE during storage. Decreases in L* and WI were detected after 30–60 days of storage, thus suggesting a browning in an initial period. However, the scores given by the sensory assessors remained above 7 in a 9-point scale, thus showing no significant alterations during storage. The results showed the stability of the pumpkin purees during the 180 days of storage under the proposed conditions.