• Arrhenius equation;
  • carrot puree;
  • potato flakes;
  • rheology;
  • structural kinetic model;
  • thixotropy


Rheological properties of carrot puree were investigated in the 1–1000 s−1 shear rate range with the objective of modelling the influence of time, temperature and addition of potato flakes on the flow behaviour. Carrot puree exhibited a shear-thinning behaviour that was well described by the Ostwald-de Waele (Power Law) model with a flow behaviour index of 0.34 (±0.02) at 20 °C. The time-dependent behaviour was characterised by a second-order Structural Kinetic Model. The decay of the structural parameter with time was found to be independent of shear rate. The Arrhenius model was used to explain the effect of temperature in the range from 4 to 60 °C. The dry matter was increased by adding potato flakes (0–5%). A power law model (for the concentration) and the Arrhenius relationship (for the temperature) were combined to simultaneously describe the effects of temperature and concentration. This study provides essential data for equipment and process design.