• Cassava starch;
  • edible film;
  • mechanical and barrier;
  • soy protein concentrate


The sensory attributes, mechanical, water vapour permeability (WVP) and solubility properties of cassava starch and soy protein concentrate (SPC)-based edible films of varying levels of glycerol were studied. Addition of SPC and glycerol up to 30% and 20%, respectively, reduced stickiness and improved colour and appearance of the films. Tensile strength (TS), elastic modulus (EM) and elongation at break (EAB) of films increased, while film solubility (FS) and WVP decreased with SPC and glycerol up to 50% and 20% level, respectively, ranging from 20.33 to 26.94 MPa (TS), 41.33 to 72.76 MPa (EM), 7.90 to 12.28 MPa (EAB), 15.07 to 31.90% (FS) and 2.62 to 4.13 g H2O mm m−2 day kPa (WVP). The TS, EAB and WVP were higher for the biofilms than for low-density polyethylene and cellophane films.