Figure S1. Three grades of dried jujube fruits appearance (A) and contour plots of cross validation accuracy for C-SVM models based on fractal dimensions (B), fractal measures (C), fractal dimensions and fractal measures (D), RGB intensity (E), fractal dimensions and RGB intensity (F), fractal measures and RGB intensity (G), and fractal dimensions, fractal measures and RGB intensity (H) when optimizing the penalty constant C and the RBF kernel parameter gamma (γ).

Figure S2. The images and their corresponding threshold images at the intensity range 0–30 of three grades of dried jujube fruits: grade 1 (A), grade 2 (B), grade 3 (C).

Figure S3. Fractal analysis of chosen image.

Table S1. The three fractal dimensions (FD) and three fractal measures (FM) for black (FDBBW, FMBBW), white (FDWBW, FMWBW), partially black and white areas (FDBW, FMBW) and RGB intensity values derived from dried jujube fruits.

Table S2. The number of support vectors (nSVM) and the accuracy rate of classification on the test set.

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