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In vitro bioaccessibility of coenzyme Q10 in enriched yoghurts


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In this study, the aim was to determine the bioaccessibilities of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) in yoghurt samples produced using enriched skim milk with different coenzyme Q10 preparations. First, emulsified coenzyme Q10, γ-cyclodextrin/coenzyme Q10 complex and nanoparticle coenzyme Q10 were prepared with the reference coenzyme Q10 standard. These coenzyme Q10 preparations were added into the milk to produce coenzyme Q10 enriched yoghurt samples. Nanoparticle coenzyme Q10 was obtained as in spherical shape with 176.00 ± 50.62 nm diameter. Coenzyme Q10 bioaccessibility was found as 50.59 ± 1.88% in control yoghurt. The yoghurt enriched nanoparticle coenzyme Q10 had the highest coenzyme Q10 bioaccessibility (73.81 ± 1.61%) among the produced yoghurts (P < 0.01). Coenzyme Q10 bioaccessibilities were also found as 63.75 ± 0.91% and 46.83 ± 1.27% in yoghurts enriched with emulsified coenzyme Q10, and γ-cyclodextrin/coenzyme Q10 complex, respectively.