• Chitosan;
  • gilthead sea bream;
  • Metapenaeus stebbingi ;
  • shelf life


This study aims to determine the effects of chitosan obtained from Metapenaeus stebbingi shells on the shelf life of refrigerated gilthead sea bream. It was determined that 1% chitosan-coated samples had the lowest thiobarbituric acid (TBA) (3.05 mg malondialdehyde (MDA) kg−1) and free fatty acids (FFA) value (2.79% oleic acid), while the control group had the highest TBA (5.08 mg MDA kg−1) and FFA value (6.13% oleic acid) on the 27th day of storage. In the last day of storage, TVB-N was found higher in control group (25.62 mg 100 g−1) than chitosan-coated samples (14.57 mg 100 g−1). Total viable count value of the control group exceeded maximum permissible limit on the 27th day of storage. However, it was lower than 7.0 log CFU/g in chitosan-coated samples during the refrigerated storage. As a result of this study, it was determined that shelf life of refrigerated gilthead sea bream can be increased up to 27 days with chitosan.