ijfs3171-sup-0001-Supplementary-filesS1.docWord document382KData S1. Total starch and starch digestion reagents and procedures.
ijfs3171-sup-0003-figureS1-S3.docWord document363KFigure S1. Typical starch digestogram of the cryo (CG)- and hammer (HM)-milled sweet potato flours (error bars are standard deviation of 2 replicates and 2 duplicates). Figure S2. Relationship between particle size and digestion parameters (A, Do-size for hammer-mill; B, Do-size for cryo-mill; C, K-size for hammer-mill; C, K-size for cryo-mill. Figure S3. Other properties of the cryo (CG)- and hammer (HM)-milled sweet potato flours (A, Colour; B, FTIR; C, DSC Thermogram; D, RVA viscogram).
ijfs3171-sup-0002-TableS1-S3.docWord document121KTable S1 Milling conditions for the sweetpotato flour and the particle size parameters. Table S2 Relationship between the square of the particle size and the reciprocal of the rate constant. Table S3 Physical and functional properties of the sweet potato floursa.

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