ijfs3176-sup-0001-FigureS1.tifimage/tif6763KFigure S1. Sodium dodecyl sulphate–polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis pattern of silver carp skin hydrolysates and silver carp muscle hydrolysates.
ijfs3176-sup-0002-FigureS2.tifimage/tif1816KFigure S2. Changes in total volatile basic nitrogen of common carp during 4 °C storage.
ijfs3176-sup-0003-FigureS3.tifimage/tif1621KFigure S3. Changes in total viable counts of common carp during 4 °C storage.
ijfs3176-sup-0004-FigureS4.tifimage/tif1892KFigure S4. Changes in thiobarbituric acid of common carp during 4 °C storage.
ijfs3176-sup-0005-FigureS5.tifimage/tif1637KFigure S5. Changes in K value of common carp during 4 °C storage.
ijfs3176-sup-0006-Legent.docWord document24K 

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