Combination of resistant starches types II and IV with minimal amounts of oat bran yields good quality, low glycaemic index pasta


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The objective of this work was to study the effects of the combination of resistant starch type II (RSII), resistant starch type IV (RSIV) and oat bran (OB) on technological and nutritional properties of pasta, applying response surface analysis. Cooking properties were improved by combining RSII and RSIV in pasta formulation, while OB addition negatively affected all technological attributes, and a negative synergistic effect was observed between this fibre and resistant starches in cooking losses. Considering nutritional properties, substitution of bread wheat flour with resistant starch type II and IV increased starch resistant to digestion and OB addition increased pasta starch hydrolysis. A positive synergistic effect was observed on glycaemic index by combining both types of resistant starches. Finally, we optimised the formulation considering three aspects separately: technological properties, nutritional attributes and these two features together. The combination of RSII 12.6, RSIV 3.1 and OB 0.6 g per 100 g of wheat flour will allow to obtain a pasta with low glycaemic index (GI = 69) and good technological characteristics.