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Odour-active compounds in pineapple (Ananas comosus [L.] Merril cv. Red Spanish)


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Application of solid-phase microextraction, simultaneous distillation–extraction and liquid–liquid extraction combined with GC-FID, GC-MS, aroma extract dilution analysis, and odour activity value was used to analyse volatile compounds from pineapple (Ananas comosus [L.] Merril cv. Red Spanish) and to estimate the most odour-active compounds. The analyses led to the identification of ninety-four compounds, seventy-two of them were positively identified. Twenty odorants were considered as odour-active compounds, from which ethyl 2-methylbutanoate, 2,5-dimethyl-4-hydroxy-3(2H)-furanone, 1-(E,Z,Z)-3,5,8-undecatetraene, ethyl 3-(methylthio)propanoate, 1-(E,Z)-3,5-undecatriene, ethyl hexanoate and methyl hexanoate were the most odour contributors and contribute to the typical pineapple aroma, while the others are responsible for fruity and sweet odour notes.

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