Some determinants of care of patients with stroke who were nursed in their own homes


  • Charlotte R. Kratz Ph.D. B.Sc.(Soc.) S.R.N. S.C.M. H.V.Cert. D.N.Tut.Cert. Q.N.

    1. Senior Research Fellow and Head of Nursing Research Group, Department of Nursing, University of Manchester
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This article considers some of the components of a model of care which was constructed to help with the analysis of care given to a small number of patients with stroke in the course of a recent research project. The components which are put forward for consideration in this paper are the knowledge district nurses had of stroke care and the value they attached to such care. It is demonstrated how these are based mainly on knowledge and values transferred from their training in general hospitals catering for acutely ill patients. In addition the importance of ‘managing’ and ‘fairness’ are considered and these are shown to form a link between the nurses and the administrators. The special problems inherent in the administration of a district nursing service are also outlined.