A short introduction summarizes the global development of, and current trends in, educational technology in general and higher education. The main body of the text details parallel developments in nurse education and outlines a strategy for spreading its benefits more widely in the UK. The following points are discussed: (1) The present ‘state of the art’ in nurse training schools, in particular the trend towards the individualizing of instruction by such means as programmed learning, audio-visual training packages and Learning Resources Centres, (2) The need to sustain such innovatory efforts, and possible reasons for failure, (3) Current involvement of statutory nursing bodies in developments in educational technology in the UK, (4) Work of the National Health Service Learning Resources Unit in changing attitudes towards, and furthering development of, educational technology, (5) Policies for future developments which include the establishment of Learning Resources Centres, for use by learners in nursing colleges and nursing service areas, and Media Resources Centres, for the production of learning resource materials, the in-service training and support of nurse teachers engaged in developing such materials, and (6) The changing role of the nurse teacher in a resource based system.