Some political influences surrounding the Nurses Registration Act 1919 in the United Kingdom


  • Rosemary White M.Sc. S.R.N. S.C.M. O.H.N.C.

    1. Area Nurse (Research and Development), Hampshire Area Health Authority (Teaching), Kings Walk, Silver Hill, Winchester, Hants
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Recent research into the Development of the British Poor Law Nursing Service has thrown up interesting attitudes towards the registration of nurses and the delay in achieving this until 1919. These allow a wider understanding of the political considerations surrounding the setting up of the General Nursing Council and the factors which influenced the acceptance of the Syllabus of Examinations and the rejection of the Syllabus of Training as a mandatory instrument. The Poor Law Nursing Service is described as the major section of British nursing during the 1920s which out-numbered the voluntary nursing sector by about 2 : 1 and cared for 75% of the hospital patients at that period.