An appraisal of the concepts of infant feeding and their application in practice



This paper outlines a survey which was carried out in the Swansea District of the West Glamorgan Area Health Authority. Midwives and health visitors working in hospitals and the community were asked to participate. The former since the survey was instigated by the midwifery division and the latter because of their close involvement and cooperation in offering advice regarding infant feeding.

Other media communicating information on this topic were not disregarded but specific advice given by these particular professional personnel was analysed in detail.

It was hoped that by looking at the content of such advice, if it differed widely, certain important criteria could be decided upon. This would only be possible by arriving at a consensus of opinion on certain issues and investigating principles or reliable experience from which such advice apparently originated.

The survey enabled a detailed examination of the prevailing conditions within a limited geographical area. Recommendations followed as a result of the investigation and enabled further decisions to be made to clarify the situation.