A 6 year suryey of community care courses for basic nursing students



The establishment and development of 3 new university hospital and medical school has obviously affected nursing and nurse training in Nottingham. One result has been that the school of nursing has been able to appoint a community care tutor to specifically teach community aspects within the basic general, psychiatric and paediatric nurse training programmes. This article describes the development of various courses to meet the General Nursing Council for England and Wales (GNC) syllabus objectives. The various community services involved in the course programme are identified and their contributions in time and expertise evaluated. Some discussion is included on the complex relationships between theory and practice and the attempts which are being made to include teaching and learning objectives related to the nursing process within the curriculum. Finally, it is hypothesized that comments from a group of students on their attitude change as a result of the course and, on the value of their new knowledge and skills when they return to hospital, could form the basis of future research.