Book reviews


Book reviewed in this article:

The Developing Child: Distress and Comfort by Judy Dunn.

Play, by Catherine Garkey.

The Psychology of Childbirth by Aidan McFarlane.

Mothering by Rudolph Scaffer.

Concepts and Practices of Intensive Care for Nurse Specialties by Meltzer, Abdellah and Ketchell.

Nursing Care of the Patient with Burns by Florence Greenhouse Jacoby.

The Nurse's Dilemma: Ethical Considerations in Nursing Practice by Barbara L. Tate.

Nurses and Nursing: Proceedings of the 15th Quadrennial Congress 13–18 May 1973, Mexico City.

Emergency and Disaster Management: A Mental Health Source Book by H. J. Parad, H. L. P. Reskin and L. G. Parad.

Nursing Care of Patients with Urological Diseases by Chester C. Winter and Alice Morel.

Approaches to Modifying Patient Behaviour by Michael D. Le Bow.

Beginners Guide to Intensive Coronary Care by Jacqueline Deal R.N.

Modern Cardiac Pacing by Seymour Furman and Dorie J. W. Escher.

Man's Anatomy, Physiology, Health and Environment by Nancy Roper.