Nursing authority*


  • Huguette Labelle Dip. Nurs. BNurs. educ. BEd. MEd. Ph.D.

    1. Director General, Policy, Research and Evaluation Branch, Indian and Eskimo Affairs, Ottawa, Canada
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  • *

    Based on a paper read at the International Council of Nurses 16th Quadrennial Congress, Tokyo, Japan, on 3 June 1977.


Four factors associated with authority, namely, (1) extensive knowledge of one's field, along with a good understanding of related area, (2) accountability, (3) interpersonal relationships, and (4) power, are identified and applied to the field of nursing. The author argues that nursing authority is a vital tool for individual nurses and for the nursing collective and that the capacity of nurses to influence is enormous if only they can develop the confidence to mobilize their own individual and collective potential.