Book reviews


Book reviewed in this article:

A Guide for Nurse Managers edited by Elizabeth Raybould.

Suicide: assessment and intervention by C.L. Hatton, S. McBride Valente and Alice Rink.

Politics of Pain Management: StaffjPatient Interaction by Shizuko Y. Fagerhaugh and Anselm Strauss.

Foetus into Man by J.M. Tanner.

Health Visiting: A Textbook for Health Visitors edited by Grace M. Owen.

Adoption: A Second Chance by Barbara Tizard.

The Alienated: Growing Old Today by Gladys Elder.

Guidelines for Nurse Autonomy I Patient Welfares by Meridean Maas & Ada K. Jacox.

Community Health Nursing: Evolution and Process by Catherine W. Tinkham and Eleanor F. Voorhies.

Nursing Care of the Child with Longterm Illness Edited by S. Steele.

Counselling in Nursing.

Modern Textbook of Personal & Communal Health for Nurses by M.A. Priest.

The Education and Training of Senior Managers in the National Health Service–A Contribution to Debate.