Criteria to be used in the selection of clinical areas for basic nurse training



The problem of establishing criteria to be considered when selecting clinical areas for basic nurse training was investigated by the Teaching team from Bexley Hospital Nurse Education Centre, Kent.

Establishments involved in training personnel in occupations other than nursing were examined and evaluated in order to see if comparisons could be made. Unfortunately the establishments chosen provided little information in respect of learner placement in nursing. Contributions to the nursing literature in respect of the subject being considered were sparse, but articles by Martin (1976), Roper (1976), Schröck (1973) and Strohmann (1977) were interesting and of considerable value.

Whilst the project at Bexley involved examination of the more obvious criteria used in the selection of training areas, considerable attention was paid to the attitudes of clinical nursing personnel towards nurse education and training.

Replies to an educational questionnaire devised by the team revealed many significant differences between the attitudes of those nurses involved in basic nurse training in the hospital's wards and departments when compared with those of other teaching and service personnel. A checklist of criteria was ultimately compiled and it was suggested that a further comparative study emphasizing the attitude component of this project should be made in 12 months time.