Book reviewed in this article:

Essentials of Medical Surgical Nursing by C. B. Keene.

Community Health, Preventive Medicine and Social Services by B. M. Davies.

Operating Room Techniques for the Surgical Team edited L. C. Crooks.

Stress in Hospital by J. Wilson-Bamett.

Cancer Nursing: Radiotherapy edited by Robert Tiffany.

The Nursing Process edited by Charlotte R. Kratz.

Gastro-Intestinal Endoscopy: An Introduction for Assistants by David Hollanders.

Bedside Maternity Nursing by I. J. Bleier.

Research for Nursing by Jill Macleod Clark and Lisbeth Hockey.

Nurse Education and Training by the Committee of Inquiry into Nurse Education and Training to the Tertiary Education Commission.

Patients and their Doctors by Glin Bennet.

Body Fluids by Anne Roberts.