A study of the nurse tutor's role



The aim of the study was to determine how British nurse tutors and nurse learners perceive the role of the nurse tutor in the field of general nursing. A survey by questionnaire was the method of inquiry used. The sample was drawn from eleven schools of nursing in one Regional Health Authority in England, and comprised 317 nurse learners and 93 nurse teachers. Data from the questionnaires were analysed using the statistical technique of factor analysis. In particular the learners’data were used to derive factor scales relating to aspects of the role of the nurse tutor. Twelve such factor scales emerged from the factor analysis of the data. Agreement was found between the learners and the teachers on four of these factor scales and disagreement was found relating to the remaining eight. It is suggested that the areas of agreement might form the basis for the systematic description of the role of the nurse tutor. Conversely, the areas of disagreement could provide a basis for further research into this subject.