Course evaluation in post-basic education


Mrs E. Layton Jones, Joint Board of Clinical Nursing Studies, 178-202 Great Portland Street, London WIN 5TB.


Course evaluation is defined‘as the collection and use of information in order to make decisions about an educational programme’(Cronbach 1963). The study described in this paper was undertaken by members of the professional and research staff of the Joint Board of Clinical Nursing Studies, London The paper describes how the need for work on course evaluation arose and how a package was developed and piloted in 15 course centres with a total of 205 students. The ways in which the package is being used by schools of nursing and colleges of higher and further education is also described The philosophy that evaluation has an important part to play in developing dynamic and sound educational systems is emphasized Evaluation should be an integral part of every course and planned at the outset with other parts of the detailed course programme, involving both students and teachers in measuring the effectiveness of the course.