Book reviewed in this article:

Critical Care Nursing of the Multi-Injured Patient by James K. Mann and Annalee R. Oakes.

Methods in Critical Care by Sally Millar, Leslie K. Sampson, Maurita Soukup and Sylvan Lee Weinberg.

Nurses' Response to Patients' Suffering by L.L. Davitz and J.R. Davitz.

Inferences of Patients' Pain and Psychological Distress by L.L. Davitz and J.R. Davitz.

Orthopaedic Nursing Procedures Part 1 – Initial and Emergency Care by Avice Kerr.

Nursing Management – A Programmed Text by Phyllis Franck and Marjorie Price.

Patient Education–An Enquiry into the State of the Art by W.D. Squires.

Family Nursing: Theory and Assessment by Marilyn M. Friedman.

Readings on Research Process in Nursing by Fox and Lesser.

Social Skills in Interpersonal Communication by Owen Hargie, Christine Saunders and David Dickson.

Anaesthetic Nursing by C.J. Wallace.