Books reviewed in this article:

Death and Dying: a Quality of Life edited by Patricia F. Pegg & Erno Metze.

Perinatal Parental Behavior edited by Regina Placzet Lederman.

An Introduction to Paediatric Neurology by Gwilym Hosking.

Nursing Care for the Dying Patient and the Family by Winifred Hector & Sarah Whitfield.

Orthopaedic Nursing and Rehabilitation, eighth edition edited by Mary Powell.

Communication in the Nursing Context by Jean C. Bradley & Mark Edinberg.

Counselling Skills for Nurses by Verena Tschudin.

Concepts Basic to Nursing by P.H. Mitchell & A. Loustau.

The Third Age by Muriel Skeet.

Essentials of Emergency Medicine by Douglas A. Rund.

Social and Statistical Facts for Student Midwives by Members of the Education Advisory Group of the Scottish Board of the Royal College of Midwives

Therapeutic Nursing for the Mentally Handicapped by Roy D. Bailey.

Pflegeplanung (Planning Nursing Care) by V. Fiechter and M. Meier.