Preparing the patient for a barium enema: a comparison of nurse and patient opinions


Pamela Schuster, RN BSN MSN, Youngstown Stale University School of Nursing. 410 Wick Avenue, Youngs-town, Ohio 44503, USA


The purpose of this research was to explore possible differences in nurse versus patient opinions about patient education information appropriate for the barium enema procedure. Twenty-eight nurses and 30 patients participated in the study. Findings showed that nurses believed a patient should have more information than the patients believed a patient needs, and that patients wanted only minimal detailed information about events that will happen during the procedure. Rather, patients were interested in knowing the benefits and purpose of the procedure while nurses believed that this information should be provided by the physician and not the nurse. Finally, nurses were dissatisfied, in general, about their patient education information that they have given to patients in the past for a barium enema procedure.