Categories of self-care needs of ambulatory patients with diabetes


  • Judith Fitzgerald Miller

    Corresponding author
    1. RN MSN Associate Professor, Marquene University College of Nursing, 3029 North 49th Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53210, USA
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  • Appreciation is expressed to D. Hellenbrand, Research Assistant, as well as to E.C. Theis, Associate Professor, Marquette University and to the late H. Harrington for their review of this manuscript.

614 North 77th Street, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin 53213, USA.


Categories of needs of 65 ambulatory patients with diabetes were identified based on a self-care nursing framework, using a participant-observer methodology. The needs categories identified can be applied to other types of ambulatory patients who have chronic health problems. It is proposed that being able anticipate needs of all types of ambulatory patients will improve efficient delivery of professional nursing.