Book Review in this article:

Legal Problems in Nursing Practice by Ann P. Young.

People with Cardiac Problems: Nursing Concepts by Wealtha C. McGum.

Essential Obstetric Practice by Gerald J. Amiel.

Epilepsy: The Facts by Anthony Hopkins.

Bereavement Visiting edited by Geoffrey Dyne.

The Unmasking of Medicine by Ian Kennedy.

Crisis Intervention Theory and Practice by A.W. Burgess and B.A. Baldwin.

Barriers Between Women by Paula J. Caplan.

Obstetrics by G.M. Stirrat.

Emergency Response to Crisis by J.T. Mitchell and H.L.P. Resnik.

Gynaecology in Nursing Practice edited by M.A. Shorthouse and M.G. Brush.

Understanding Nursing Care by A. Chilman and M. Thomas.

Lippincotts Guide to Nursing Literature: A Handbook for Writers, Students and Researchers by Binger and Jenson.