Book reviews


Mutual Goal Setting in Patient Care and Pain: Deliberative Nursing Intervention CURN Projects, Michigan Nurses Association

Curriculum building in nursing: a process 3rd Edn by E.O. Bevis.

A Guide to The Practice of Nursing using the Nursing Process by Baroness McFarlane & G. Castledine.

Psychology for Nurses and Health Visitors edited by J. Hall.

Illustrated Guide to Orthopaedic Nursing 2nd Edn by J. Farrell.

Nursing and the Doctor edited by D. Coakley & V.J. Hanson.

Pathology and Patient Care by S. Jackson.

Objective Tests for Nurses. Book Four: The Digestive System and the Urinary System by J.T.E. Riddle.

In Charge of the Ward by A. Matthews.

The Educational Process in Critical Care Nursing by A. Alspach.

Rehabilitation in Psychiatric Practice by R.G. McCreadie.

Communication for the Health Care Team by V.M. Smith & T. A. Bass.

Management of Obstetric Emergencies in a Health Centre by B. Essex.

Primary Care Nursing by L. Hockey.

The Patient with a Respiratory Disorder

The Patient with a Respiratory Disorder (84 pages, £2.50) by A. Betts