Book reviews


Book reviewed in this article:

Sociology and the Nurse 2nd Edn by Frank Lopez.

Critical Care Nursing edited by Elaine L. Larson & Moya Vazguez.

Objective Tests for Nurses. Book 5. The Nervous System and the Special Senses compiled & edited by Janet T. E. Riddle.

Evaluating Health Visiting Practice by Karen A. Luker.

Manual of Neurological Nursing 2nd Edn by Nancy Swift-Bandini.

The Lippincott Manual of Medical-Surgical Nursing by L. S. Brunner & D. S. Suddarth.

Capitalism and the Construction of Old Age by C. Phillipson.

Coronary Care Nursing by Shelia H. Huang, Lynne A. Dasher, Christine Ashley Larson & Carolyn McCulloch.

The Ward Sister: Role and Preparation edited by H. O. Allen.

Basic Child Psychiatry 4th Edn by Philip Barker.

Basic Psychiatric Nursing 3rd Edn by Susan Irving.

Nursing Care of the Child with Cancer edited by Dianne Fochtman & Genevieve V. Foley.

Will this Hurt? (Preparing Children for Hospital and Medical Procedures) by Jocelyn Rodin.