Book reviews


Book reviewed in this article:

Nurses and the Mentally Handicapped by Alison J. Tiemey

Orthopaedic Nursing: A Programmed Approach 4th Edn by Nancy A. Brunner.

Review on Accident and Emergency by Jane Barratt.

The Protection of Children by Robert Dingwall, John Eekelaar & Topsy Murray.

Topics in Community Health: Multiple Births by Judi Linney.

Issues in Nursing Research: Papers from the XXU Annual Conference of the Royal College of Nursing Research Society edited by Sally J. Redfem, Anthony R. Sisson, Jean F. Walker & Paul A.

Using a Model for Nursing by N. Roper, W. Logan & A. Tierney.

Nursing Ethics by I. E. Thompson, K. M. Melia & K. M. Boyd.

Nursing the Patient in Pain by Margo McCaffrey.

Operating Theatre Nursing by Mary C. Warren.

Talking with Patients by James Calnan.

Patient Teaching edited by J. Wilson-Bamett

Human Anatomy and Physiology by E. P. Solomon & P. W. Davis.

Core Textbook of Pediatrics by Kaye, Oski & Bamess.

Community Health Edited by June Clark & Jill Henderson.