Book reviews


Book reviewed in this article:

Accident and Emergency Nursing. A New Approach by Mike Walsh

Nursing Research: The Application of Qualitative Approaches by Peggy Anne Field & Janice M. Morse

A Handbook of Paediatric Radiography by Catherine Gyll.

Maximizing Mobility After Stroke. Nursing the Acute Patient by George I. Turnbull & Patricia A. Bell

Patterns in Education: The Unfolding of Nursing by National League of Nursing

Sexuality, Nursing and Health by Christine Webb.

Ageing: Recent Advances & Creative Responses edited by Alan Butler.

Theory of Nursing — Practical Application by Christine Chapman

Psychiatric Nurse Therapists in Primary Care by Isaac M. Marks.

Orthopaedics and Accidents, Illustrated by Margaret Miller & James H. Miller.

Essentials of Paediatric Nursing 2nd edn by Lucille F. Whaley & Donna L. Wong. C.V. Mosby

Clinical Nutrition for Nurses, Dieticians and other Health Care Professionals by John W.T. Dickerson & Elizabeth M. Booth. Faber & Faber

Therapeutic Factors in Group Psychotherapy by Sidney Bloch & Eric Crouch

Maths for Nursing by Susan Pirie